Trawlers scrapped over quotas ‘end a lifetime of fishing’

Work on scrapping a number of Irish fishing vessels is under way in an effort to rebalance fish quotas following post-Brexit agreements. In the aftermath of Brexit trade agreements, Ireland’s share of fish quotas was reduced.

To improve the viability of the Irish fishing sector, up to 60 vessels were targeted to be removed from the sector in a €75m -The Brexit Permanent Cessation Scheme to improve the viability of the remaining vessels. Under the terms of the scheme, the boats will have to be scrapped and any monies paid to operators under a previous temporary tie-up scheme will have to be repaid.

The scheme has proven controversial, with the Irish South and West Fish Producer’s Organisation calling it “sinful” that vessels would have to be scrapped and not repurposed. Bord Iascaigh Mhara is administering the scheme and a spokesperson said that 64 applications were received of which 57 were found to be eligible. To date 20 vessels have accepted the scheme.

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