Following the close of the December Council negotiations, Minister McConalogue and his team have been praised for their commitment, but quota concerns persist over the historical challenges faced by Ireland’s fishing sector under the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP).

Aodh O’Donnell, CEO of the Irish Fish Processors Organisation (IFPO), expressed gratitude for the efforts of Minister McConalogue and his team while highlighting the impact of Ireland’s four-decade-long commitment to the CFP.

Speaking after the AGRIFISH Council, O’Donnell said, “While the commitment of Minister McConalogue and his team in the December Council process is fully acknowledged, the level of outcomes for Ireland are driven by a historical lack of fair opportunity under the Common Fisheries Policy. We have been locked into this CFP for the last 40 years. Ireland must remain focused to reverse the ongoing decline of the sector that was exacerbated when 40% of the quota given to UK post-Brexit came from Ireland.

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