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Press Release

May 2020: Proposed Tie Up Scheme from DAFM

April 2012:Ocean Wealth

Nov 2008: Coastal States Meeting-Mackerel TAC increase for 2009

July 2008: IFPO Note To Members Council On Emergency AidPackage

July 2008: FIF Press Release on July 15th Council

July 2008: Press Release by Minister Killeen

June 2008: Luxembourg Council: FIF Press Release

June 2008; FIF Press Release

June 2008: SFPA Press Statement: Significent Progress Between Sea Fisheries Protection Authority And Fishermens Federation On Serious Current Issues

June 2008:FIF Press Release June 11th-Fishermen's Federation seeks Concrete ACTION at Friday's Meeting with Ministers

June 2008:Press Release FIF

June 2008:Letter from Minister Killeen June 9th re Fuel Crisis.

May 2008:New Monkfish Scheme apply before May 30t (click on heading to open application form)

April 2008:New Albacore Tuna Scheme apply before May 30t (click on heading to open application form)


Introduction of Electronic Logbooks in Ireland

Spurdog landings are restricted to 5% bycatch ONLY as from February 1st 2008.

Proposed Eirgrid cable Route Irish Sea

Meeting Arklow Bay Hotel February 14/2/2008 Re Cables From NWWRAC

Areas under threat from Habitats Directive

1.Map of Possible Closed areas Presented by UK Government.
2.Map of known and potential reefs

Federation of Irish Fishermen (FIF) promotes Crew Safety

Interview with Inshore Ireland - June 2007