The Irish fishing industry say they have a right to be consulted about offshore wind farms because it affects their livelihoods. IFPO Spokesperson Aodh O Donnell says every industry needs to co-operate to reduce fossil fuels but “co-operation works both ways and we are not being consulted.”

“Fishing interests are affected by both the location and operation of wind farms,” says Aodh, who is chief executive of the Irish Fish Producers Organisation (IFPO). “Available charts indicate that most of the rich Irish Sea fishing area is targeted for turbine development. Fishing vessels could be displaced if there is an untrammelled development of Offshore Wind Turbines. Our industry has already taken too many hits, but proper consultation could allow us all to co-exist.”

“However, Environment Minister, Eamon Ryan is reported to have signed off on six Irish Sea developments which will move to planning stage. There is unease that this appears to be rushed.”

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