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Irish Fish Producers Organisation Ltd

The Irish Fish Producers Organisation is a body representing owners of commercial sea-fishing vessels of all sizes.

It was established at the instigation, and with the support, of the EU as part of the organisational structure necessary for the operation of the Common Fisheries Policy.

Formed in 1975, it is comprised of member fishermen based coast-wide. The Organisation is concerned with the management of member’s fishing activities, both catching and marketing, with a view to making the best use of the available fish stocks and optimising returns. The IFPO represents those engaged in Pelagic, Whitefish, Shellfish and Inshore sectors.

It has specific responsibilities under various EU Regulations. It maintains a watching brief on developments impacting on members’ commercial activities and contributes to the formation of the fisheries policy through various Government and EU Committees.

The Organisation comprises a Board of Directors elected by members, a Chief Executive, and a supporting secretariat based in Dublin. It is linked to counterparts in other member states through the European Association of (fish) Producers Organisations (EAPO).Our CEO was first Chairman of the recently formed Federation of Irish Fishermen which is composed of all the Irish Producer Organisations.


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